Paint Enhancement Package

Experience the difference with our Paint Enhancement package, where thorough attention meets advanced protection. Our professional-grade treatments and comprehensive cleaning techniques ensure that your vehicle not only looks stunning but also remains shielded from the elements, preserving its appearance and value over time.

Elevate your car care routine with our Paint Enhancement package, crafted to rejuvenate your vehicle's exterior while providing long-lasting protection. Our expert team utilizes professional-grade treatments and thorough cleaning techniques to ensure that every surface is revitalized and safeguarded against environmental wear and tear.

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Paint Enhancement

Starting at

+ $30 for Crossover/Small SUV
+ $50 for Large SUV/Truck

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*Removals not included: paint overspray, heavy bug splatter, heavy pet hair, heavy sand.

  • Snow Foam (Hand Wash/Two Bucket Method)
  • Paint, glass, emblems, plastics/rubbers are properly cleaned, decontaminated (Chemically and Clay-Bar treatment to remove embedded grit, iron particles, etc. and hand/blown dry.
  • Tires, wheels, and wheel/fender liners deep cleaned; tires are dressed to a satin finish with a water-based dressing.
  • Exterior glass is cleaned, windshield is polished and protected with Glass Coating
  • Each panel on your vehicle is polished with 1 step process to safely remove 65% swirls, defects, and minor scratches. DA Rupes Apply
  • Paint receives a single-stage polish to deep clean the paint, increase gloss, and reduce swirls.
  • Paintwork is protected with a System-X Renew (SiO2 Sealant offering 6-8 months of stand-alone protection.
  • Black textured plastic is treated with a restoring protectant.

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