Premium Detail Package

Experience the excellence of our Premium Detail Package, expertly crafted to enhance your vehicle's appearance and protection. Inside, every detail is addressed, from thorough vacuuming to steam cleaning, ensuring a fresh and inviting interior.

Meanwhile, outside, our thorough treatments, including wheel and tire cleaning and gentle pre-wash methods, renew your vehicle's exterior, leaving it with a dazzling finish. With the added protection of our spray sealant, your vehicle will maintain its lustrous appearance for months to come.

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Detail Package

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+ $30 for Crossover/Small SUV
+ $60 for Large SUV/Truck

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*Est Duration: 4 hr 30 min


  • Full Vacuum (Includes All Cracks and Crevices)
  • Light Carpet Shampoo
  • Light Upholstery Shampoo
  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • All Hard Surfaces Scrubbed and Cleaned
  • Steam Cleaning (All Vents and Hard Surfaces)
  • Seat Cleaning (Leather/Upholstery)
  • Medium Crevice Cleaning
  • All Crevices Blown Out with Air


  • Wheel and Tire Cleaning/Tire Shine
  • Wheel Well Cleaning
  • Pre Wash (Removes Dirt and Grime, No Contact)
  • Bug and Tar Removal
  • Snow Foam (Hand Wash/Two Bucket Method)
  • Light Door Jam Wipe Down
  • Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Clay Mitt (Removes Rough Embedded Contaminants)
  • 3-6 Month Spray Sealant (Gyeon Wet Coat Provides Protection, Hydrophobic and Self-cleaning Effect, Intense Gloss and Shine to Painted Surfaces)

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